What is a good name for a puppy who died and came back to life?
The newborn dog was thought to be dead but the owner forgot to put in in the garbage when the dog came alive.
10 answers
  • Life ",
    Lucky ",
  • Lucky ",
    Precious ",
  • I"m thinking either Joel because he would represent a good man, Paul because he spread the word of Jesus, David after king David, or girl names like Mary, Sammy, or Suzie. These are all good names and I think they would make good pet names and would seem like a nice name for a reminder that he came back from heaven. I really HOPE THIS HELPED and God Bless that good puppy. :D
  • Lazarus ",
    Rob Zombie ",
    Lucky ",
  • me
    Looks like the couple that I initially thought of have been suggested so here are a couple of others that come to mind (but I"m no Tessla, so be gentle)! ",
    Bouncy -- as in the puppy bounced back to life ",
    Jumpy -- as in the puppy jumped back to life ",
    Kitty -- as in a cat has nine lives and so does that puppy!
  • Life ",
  • Miracle ",
    Charm ",
  • Lucky ",
    Hope ",
    Surprise ",
    Spirit ",
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