How do you like your tea?
10 answers
  • I love tea. I buy tea with honey and put 4 sugars
  • Yes i like tea
  • Hot tea in a cup, and ice tea in a glass
  • Light tea 3 teaspoon sugar ... In the morning ...
  • Been trying them all for years including Yerba Mate. Love Oolong at the Chinese Restaurant"s...generally, ",
    but the store bought(s) of Oolong just does not cut it at all. We like it when the real taste of the teas that we brew come forward in detail to the taste buds.
  • I like a black tea such as English Breakfast, milk and no sugar. ",
    Water must be freshly boiled, bag in for just over a minute, not less as it will be too weak but not too long so it stews and goes bitter. ",
    Right, I’m off for a brew, parched!
  • White and 1/4 teaspoon raw sugar (or honey if im being really good) ",
    Green tea I like with fresh squeezed lemon and lime, 1/4 honey
  • With just a touch of sugar. Sometimes I mix black or green tea with fruity herbal teas. Black tea, with cinnamon apple tea, for example.
  • Yes very much, you can check how i make my tea which exact proportion of water, tea, milk and sugar.
  • Yes
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